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Social Networking can worsen Eating Disorders

Social Networking and eating disorders have banded together to create an alarming new style of people who are suffering from eating disorders. When a person often isolates him/herself this should be a warning sign to close family and friends that there is something wrong.

Social networking has paved the way for persons suffering from eating disorders to interact and give support, albeit negative, to illnesses which are both dangerous and life threatening. Persons with eating disorders often turn to these seemingly innocent networks to establish ties with other sufferers. Instead of encouraging one another to overcome the disease, social networking can have people with eating disorders trading diets that are recipes of doom.

Sites of Social Networking and eating disorders form a tandem to capture a worldwide audience. Some of these people have not yet known about eating disorders. But these networks bombard them with information that which they may not have previous knowledge of disordered eating and are receiving information that praises the highs rather than the devastating effects of this disease. These networks will also teach persons with eating disorders how to hide their disease from family and friends.