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Solving the Eating Disorder as an Addiction

Once the “eating disorder as an addiction” paradigm is in place, then and only then can both unhealthy eaters and those supporting them take steps to solve the problem. While there are no overnight solutions, there are paths that eaters can take that head in the right direction: freedom from eating addiction. The first step on this path is to eat a complete and balanced source of nutrition.

When health and medical professionals are able to accept that there is indeed an addiction related to eating disorders, then that is the best time to address and take steps to solve the problem. There are no quick fire solutions for this disorder but there are paths which persons afflicted with eating disorders can trod towards freedom from an addiction to eating. Eating a complete and balanced diet should not be overemphasized enough during this stage in the healing process.

However, this first step towards an addiction-free life is not a bed of roses. There will be lots of temptations along the way which can waylaid or eventually keep the person from accomplishing what he has set out to do.

Along with a complete and balanced diet, there should be a support group for the afflicted person. A person needs encouragement to sustain his will and focus on a goal to an addiction-free life.