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Spain Tackles Eating Disorders By Restricting TV

The Spanish government is proposing to tackle eating disorders by restricting television advertisements for some beauty treatments, slimming products and plastic surgery. The restrictions are attempting to protect young people from developing complexes to do with body image.
Understandably, cosmetic pros are upset. Their commercials will only be allowed after 10 pm, when vulnerable children and teens ought not to be watching tv. By relegating the ads to the late night fodder usually reserved for pornographic material, the goal is to reduce the number of eating disorders.

Spain has already banished stick-thin models from the runway, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other images of thinness and beauty as ideal. The legislators have even considered, but ultimately allowed low-fat foods and diet drinks.
Some other decisions Spain has made to discourage eating disorders include:
using larger size mannequins in store windows, and banning a website that awards a diploma to the girl who eats the fewest calories in a two-week period. They have filed a suit against the competition, which uses a scoring system that doctors said “would cause malnutrition in normal women.”
Is it too much? Not enough?