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Support for Men with Anorexia

It wasn’t until I started looking that I realized how few websites, blogs and online resources there were for men with anorexia (sometimes called manorexia). Over 1 million men have eating disorders – where to they go for help?
I found a few resources and thought I’d share them with you here, but if you find others – or know of others, please post them to the comment section.
This site has some recovery stories and a few are from the male perspective.
My Life as a Male Anorexic is a uniquely male point of view of anorexia nervosa. It is the autobiographical account of a young man's ongoing struggle with anorexia. Michael Krasnow has had anorexia since 1984, and he chronicles his daily struggles, feelings, and experiences in this book.
News Articles/Research
USA Today Article
Collection of research articles
Youtube Clips
Former Model
Dr. Phil’s segment on “Boys Dying to be Thin”
Teens: Dying to be Thin

For help and more info, contact the National Eating Disorders Association at 1-800-931-2237