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Sweet Little Lies

If you have an eating disorder, you're a liar. I know it - I was one, too. having an eating disorder means a constant process of lying all of the time. 24/7.

First, you lie to yourself. We lie to ourselves to make it seem as if it isn't a big deal, that we're in control, that we'll stop.

Our behaviors are lies. We eat, then purge in secret. We pretend to eat or we hide food, then binge.

Then, we lie to those closest to you. Listen to Emma, who explained what life is like with her husband. "I told my hubby I quit a long time ago, he is mad because I have been lying. He see my puffy face and bags under my eyes, and the severe mood swings; now he told me my breath is horrible and he knows I am back at it. I feel so bad..."

Just for today, can you be honest about your eating disorder and list what it has cost you?


Actually having eating

Actually having eating disorders is not that normal to our daily lifestyle habit. So why lie to have this problem in eating disorders. Yeah that is right that your not just lying, But you were lying through yourself. So be it try to recover things beyond your limitations and in eating lifestyle.

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Yeah you really lying when

Yeah you really lying when you know to yourself that your having eating disorders,but you actually say's that you are not. Why lie when you know that is a big mistake. Is is that hard to tell the truth? Just be yourself and just what is good. There is nothing wrong if you are going to tell the truth. Just be yourself.

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Why should you lie? When you

Why should you lie? When you know to your self the real truth above it all. Just be yourself and keep on doing for what you really know what is good to you. These things are actually the best thing that you could ever do to your self. So just keep doing what is right.

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