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Take a Stand

Media Watchdogs are volunteers across the country who choose to closely monitor various forms of media, commending or critiquing advertisements or programs that positively or negatively impact body image and self-concept. Watchdogs monitor TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and internet ads or programs and send notices of ads or programs worthy of praise or protest to the National Eating Disorders Association office:

You submit, NEDA staff and volunteer Watchdogs review the submissions and decide on the best course of action! It is NEDA’s hope that by reaching out to the leaders of corporations we can educate, inform and build relationships that will lead to lasting changes in advertising.

In the case of protest letters, NEDA staff continues corresponding with advertisers until they respond to our request to change their advertising strategies and messages.

The Media Watchdog program includes participation from the National Eating Disorders Association staff, the Board of Directors, and over 1,000 volunteer Media Watchdogs – just like you – who have joined this interactive program e-campaign through the internet. Can you help?