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Teen girls who smoke are at risk of getting too fat

A recent study has revealed that teen girls who smoke regularly have higher chances of getting overweight in the future.

The study conducted by the American Journal of Public Health followed more than 4,200 twins from age 16 to their mid 20s revealed that those women who smoked more than 10 cigarettes a day as teenagers were 2.5 times more likely to be overweight in their twenties than were non-smoking girls.

Medical experts explained many teen woman smokers tend to have some eating disorder in the future since they resort to eating instead of puffing cigarettes when they are already adult.

The adult women who are heavy smokers in their teens cannot stop themselves from eating caused by their past unhealthy habit of smoking.

What is baffling about the study is the fact that men who smoke in their teens are not that affected compared to women.

This medical finding should server as reminder to teen girls to have a health lifestyle and avoid smoking as possible so that they will not face risk of having an eating disorder in the future.

To have a better future and more time to spend with love ones teen girls must do their best to avoid smoking and engage in other healthy recreational activities instead.