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Thanksgiving Hell, part 2

Living with an eating disorder during the holidays isn't easy. But you do have resources, maybe even more than you realize.

Consider these tips to get through your Thanksgiving holidays:

Be grateful for you. Regardless of how pronounced your imperfections might feel, believe that you are worth taking care of, worth feeding well, worth keeping healthy. And maybe, this might be the right time to take the next healthy step in your recovery – whatever that looks like.

Know that all families are nuts. (Putting on my counselor hat) I mean, dysfunctional. While they are flawed, see if you can find ways to connect with people in your family in new ways. When we feel loving connections, we feel less isolated.

Plan, plan, plan. Talk to your dietician, therapist – whoever can best guide you. Plan what you will eat beforehand, if that will help. Plan a response to anyone who comments on what you are or are not eating, and what you may or may not weigh.

Grateful for the journey,