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The Dangers of Many

There are a number of people in the world that suffer from a number of eating disorders. We as a society cannot just ignore that this is going on. Have you ever wondered why you have some friends that don’t eat much around you, or why you have some that are constantly going to the bathroom. I’m sure you may think that maybe they just drunk too much, or maybe your friend is just never hungry when they are around you. Well that might not be the truth. Maybe your friend is going to the bathroom so much because they are having a purging session or maybe your friend is not eating a lot in front of you because they are trying to starve themselves because they think they will get fat if they eat. We need to take a closer look at the behaviors of our friends and family. Something that may seem so small an insignificant may, in fact, be a real serious problem. Eating disorders are mostly mental and therefore needs some kind of intervention. Why not be that intervention for your friends and family members that you think could use the help?