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The Difficult to Digest Effects of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have a devastating effect on the body of the patient. Abnormal eating patterns cause irreversible and permanent damage resulting in death if left untreated. The effects are physical psychological and social and serve to wreck the physical psychological and social health of the patient.

The worst effects of eating disorders are physical. Exhaustion, loss of appetite, shrinking of internal organs because of electrolyte imbalance, heart disease, low white blood corpuscle count that results in the inability to fight disease and early aging of the skin are common effects of eating disorders . For women complete stop of menstrual periods and the inability to bear children is a result of eating disorders. Psychologically, the patient adopts and obsessive behavior that can lead to brain disorders like dementia. Socially the patient is unable to have a healthy relationship with people and finds it difficult to cope with life in general.