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The disturbing problems caused by Eating Disorders

When a person has a compulsive craving to eat or an absolute aversion to eating, the person has an eating disorder. Obesity, anorexia, bulimia and binge eating are the types of eating disorders that are commonly found in patients. In this modern age, where looking good means being thin, many young women develop eating disorders by excessive reduction of food and excessive exercise. Going on a diet is not unhealthy. If the diet is nutritious with all the essential nutrients included in the food, washed down with water and complimented with regular exercise, the diet is good for health. Carrying dieting to the extreme by starving and exercising strenuously causes a disorder that is more harmful than good for the body. An eating disorder is a psychological problem. It is caused by the obsession to get thin quick. Eating disorders should be treated at once before the problem gets serious.