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The Emaciating Effects of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are serious medical conditions. Worse still, eating disorders are self inflicted body weakening medical conditions. The causes for eating disorders are psychological and these psychological problems manifest into wrecking the body by starvation.

Eating disorders are caused by psychological conditions of depression, a lack of self esteem, anxiety and the general illusion generated by society that a thin body is an attractive body. Eating disorders are often found in adolescent women. The effects of eating disorders are disastrous to health. Patients with eating disorders risk heart and kidney failure. Their blood pressure drops and their pulse and breathing rates weaken. Immediate problems are excessive hair loss and fingernail damage. Since the problem is most common in adolescent women, they experience loss or complete stoppage of menstruation. Swollen joints and brittle bones are serious conditions caused by eating disorders. Advanced cases of eating disorders lead to malnutrition and death.