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The Food Blues

Have you ever had that feeling of pure sadness? When something you love just doesn’t satisfy you anymore? Well, that’s me and my food. It wasn’t like I was trying to starve myself, but rather, I felt no need to eat something I had no interest in. I tried to liven things up a little by incorporating more colors into what I ate, but that didn’t help. Then I discovered something that was a shock to me. From a simple trip to the doctor and a very simple exam I was told that I didn’t give myself the time to enjoy the food. I basically swallowed my food whole instead of taking the time to enjoy the flavor. Believe me, it works. Give yourself time to taste every single bite. Try to imagine what every single flavor is and savor the moment. You’re body will be so indulged with sensations that a new love for food will develop. You don’t have to starve yourself just because food is bland to you. Just take the time to enjoy the simplicities of each and every bite.