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The problem with eating disorders...

Is it kinda turns us into self-centered jerks. Ok, granted, it isn’t the only problem with eating disorders. There is the whole “you could die” thing, too. But you already know that.

When I was in the midst of my eating disorder, I damaged a lot of relationships. Mostly because I was so darn selfish. Pretty much every waking thought revolved around my eating disorder. There was the scale and the mirror and the clothes that did or didn’t fit, then there was the minute accounting of calories…and so on.

So my challenge for you right now is to do something for someone else. Send a card to someone going through a hard time. Learn to make something for someone else. Call someone who needs some attention. Go love on some animals. Collect something like books or toys for children. Thank the people around you who show their love. Hug someone who needs it. Do a chore someone else has been dreading. Listen to someone who needs a friend. Clean out books and donate them to a library. Create some beauty.

“Without kindness there can be no true joy.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

And isn’t what we all want is happiness and joy?