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thInkontrol: A Photographic Documentary of Lives Affected by Eating Disorders

Professional artist and photojournalist Fritz Liedtke is working with a grant on a photographic documentary of the lives of those affected by anorexia and bulimia. While located in the Pacific Northwest, Fritz travels a fair amount, and may be able to accommodate out-of-the-region possibilities.

Looking for people of any age, male or female, willing to share their stories, and be photographed for this series. (Minors must have the permission and participation of their parents.) Those currently struggling with anorexia or bulimia, or those who have in the past, are welcome to participate. Treatment facilities that would be willing to allow Fritz to come onsite and work with willing patients are also welcome.

You may view the series in progress at


This is an awesome

This is an awesome presentation!! I had seen it before, but I'm so glad that you brought attention to this work! Mr. Liedtke's personal experience definitely has brought some importabt aspects of these disorders to light!