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To a Food Addict: It’s Perfectly Alright Not to be Perfect

Don’t be a slave of perfectionism. It is a dangerous way to live your life. It could be one of the key reasons that you cannot get rid of your eating disorder.

Perfectionism commands the highest degree of excellence in everything---relationships, house, cars, relationships, weight, or a person. It will be “perfect or nothing”.

When one seeks perfection, that person refuses to accept that it does exist. Perfection for “normal” persons is relative. What is perfect to one may not be perfect for the other.

Chasing perfection is a futile exercise and it can create in you turbulence of mind and spirit.

If your preoccupation is finding a perfect diet, you will never find it and eventually you will starve. If you cannot have the perfect exercise, you’d rather do nothing. If you are too big for you size 2 jeans then you will feel miserable and stay at home and sulk.

That is not the way to live life. You have to live life to the fullest. Accept that you are human and humans are not perfect.