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Toddler Weighs in at 90 Pounds!

I don’t know if Maury Povich is still on the air, though the last time I was home with the flu, I vaguely remember some screaming women and a DNA test on his show. Years ago, I remember seeing an episode (ok, it could totally have been on another talk show) about the world’s largest babies. Apparently, you can’t keep a good story down, because now the internet is abuzz with a similar story.
Mommy bloggers are writing lots about two year-old Pang Ya of China. She was born weighing in at just over 8 lbs. Now she reportedly weighs 90 lbs -- the weight of a nearly full-grown Chinese woman. The news simply says her parents, concerned that her weight is high are now "seeking assistance" to find out why she is so heavy -- and to help her lose the weight.
That’s the extent of the story, but you’d never know it the way folks are talking.
What I find fascinating is that this story is so damn captivating while all of the ways parents do damage to our kids in other ways related to weight is ignored. How many of us as moms let our children know we’re dieting before swimsuit season kicks off in a few weeks? The constant cycle of on and off dieting sets a hell of an example for our daughters, but that doesn’t seem to get the attention of most folks – only ENORMO-ELEPHANT girl can do that. Puh-lease.
All of our daughters deserve better.