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Tracking Your Mood

I know that in my own recovery, the more attuned I am to triggers and my overall health and wellness, the better I do. Because of my own experiences, I think that’s why I am so drawn to this new software program titled “Optimism.”

Full disclosure – I haven’t tried it, but there is a seven day free trial and I like the premise of the program. Basically, it prompts you to keep a detailed record of all things that affect your state of mind. From sleep to diet to triggers, the software program (or iPhone app) suggests that by monitoring patterns in your life, you can identify negative influences that you need to avoid, early warning signs that your health is deteriorating, and the inputs and activities that benefit you most. You can develop a Health Plan to follow and update as you learn more about the things that positively and negatively affect you.

Another obvious benefit to the program is that by keeping a mood diary you can provide your health care providers (mental or physical) with an accurate, detailed history of what’s really happening. The printable forms give a clear picture of what’s going on without having to rely on your pesky memory. Ideally, it should help you and your care providers more information about what is or isn't working, which helps them to give more relevant, appropriate advice and treatment.


I just downloaded it and it

I just downloaded it and it looks really interesting.