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Twitter Eating Disorder Resources

If you are already on twitter, you know how much fun it can be. If you’re not, spend some time checking it out. One of the things to do is look for followers who have the same interests you do. Here are some of the twitterers who regularly post on eating-disorder related topics. Some of regular folks who are recovering, others are mental health professionals, and some are facilities which specialize in treating addiction.

Eating Disorder Hope offers resources & info to eating disorders sufferers.

Recovering from anorexia, one bite at a time.

Director UNC Eating Disorders Program and author of Crave

Register now for the 2010 International Conference on Eating Disorders

Psychologist, Author, Eating Disorder Specialist, Media Consultant, Health Blogger...and sports enthusiast!

REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN™ - a powerful movement for women of all ages, sizes and races. Where media & women collide. How have YOU been affected?

Eating Disorder Awareness for Maryland. Help is here: Support groups, community outreach, referral database, professional education. EDN is part of NEDA Network

The Butterfly Foundation is Australia's largest charitable foundation supporting people with eating disorders and negative body image.