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UK considers warning signs on airbrushed model pics

I just read that come parenting groups were advocating placing warnings on packages of hot dogs. Since they are a chocking hazard in little people under age three, apparently not all parents know to cut those puppies up into little pieces (in fourths, people, not in circles). Seriously?
I have a similar feeling reading how a UK mental health body yesterday called for warning symbols to accompany airbrushed pictures of models and celebrities to help combat eating disorders. The Royal College of Psychiatrists said a kite mark on digitally enhanced photographs would raise awareness of how often such manipulation takes place and help stop people trying to achieve "unattainable physical perfection".
Consultant psychiatrist Dr Adrienne Key, of the college's eating disorders section, said the media must be stopped from "glamorising" excessive weight-loss and adding to the psychological and social pressures faced by young people.
She said: "What we need to do is raise people's awareness of what they are looking at. A lot of people have no idea how much manipulation goes on."
She said there was mounting evidence to show the role of the media in the development of eating disorders, particularly in adolescents and young people.
I don’t know. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, wouldn’t it be kinda cool to see a mark on every photo that was airbrushed. But – they all are. Thoughts?


I really think the answer is

I really think the answer is to incorporate anorexia awareness into the curriculum at school. It needs to be included just as sex education is. I am a recovering anorexic for the past 10 years, having suffered anorexia, anorexia athletica, bulima. I now can't say I will ever truly be better.

However that will only target a small number of girls as I truly believe that these images only start to take effect once anorexia has already set in through a deeper psychological reasons that some people never get to the root of.

I think that any girl who is affected by these images from the start i.e. these images cause the disorder then these girls have a better chance of full recovery.