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When You Need a Different Focus

Some days are just bad. You know. Those days when you just can't look on the mirror and the scale is taunting you and all you can think is about is food - not having it, having it, getting rid ofit, getting know the drill.

Sometimes when we feel a little out of control, we need to refocus on something else -anything else to distract us for long enough to get a grip. If you need a distraction, consider one of these web sites as a place to start:
For Sci Fi Geeks... check out Star Trek Wiki an online encyclopedia for "all things Star Trek" and honestly, Trekker or not, its pretty fun to look through. (

For the Music fan...check out Ultimate '80's Songs ( to either look up song titles from the '80's or popular musicians from the '80's to hear songs (or even link through to the lyrics).

For the Comedy Fan or Comedian... look over the favorites or newest at

For the Sports Fan... go to to pick your favorite sport and click on it for a list of sports trivia.

For the Video Gamer... put your Wii, Xbox 360, or Nintendo controller down, go to and give classic arcade video games like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, or Astroids a try. Master Chief, meet Mario.

For the Creative Type...check out for crafty ideas in many different craft projects (complete with instructions) working with various mediums and skill levels.