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Why Are Holidays Harder?

Anyone who has suffered from an eating disorder can probably identify with the fear associated with Holidays. especially when it means being with your family. Why is this? Obviously, there is usually more of a focus on food on a Holiday, and many times it is the main "attraction". Also, the lack of routine on a Holiday can be hard because many people with eating disorders are very rigidly tied to their "routine" it with eating (or not eating), exercise, or because they simply don't know how to relax. There is usually the fear of eating with your family because they may be watching what you eat, or don't eat, and if you may disappear into the bathroom after the meal. I know this all very well, and spent many years of countless Holidays dreading the day, and only wanting for it to be over. Recovery can bring an entirely new perspective to a Holiday. It can truly allow you to enjoy the restful time with those you love, without fear of lack of routine or the food involved. I am now able to enjoy those days when I can celebrate the Holiday, and simply the joy of living. For those of you out there who are still struggling, and think there is no end, please DON'T give up!!