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Why Do We Try So Hard?

Have you ever wondered why, in society, there are so many that struggle to lose weight, regardless of whether or not they actually need to. Well did you know that there are also those out there who struggle to gain weight and in this process, an “overeating eating disorder” can form. There are some girls out there who are with men who want them to be bigger if at all possible and these girls go to extreme lengths to satisfy. There are some girls that want to become plus size models just to break the barrier surrounding the fact that everyone thinks you have to be skinny to model. The problem is not their way of thinking, but it is their actions that prove to be somewhat disturbing. It’s ok to to gain weight as long as you know how to do it right. That means not going to nearest burger joint and stuffing your face, but instead going to the healthiest place and eating meals constantly throughout the day.