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You can Stop Overeating

Can food make you helpless and unable to control yourself from overeating? Do you crave for food even when you are not hungry and just eat to indulge your craving especially in the evenings?

You are not alone in your craving to eat and eat as if there is no tomorrow. You can stop your suffering with your addiction to food. You can overcome this addiction and be once again in control of your life when you are willing to have the right nutrition and emotional healing.

The first step to overcoming overeating is to eat the right foods. Know what nutrients your body will need and what food you should eat to supply your body. Physical cravings will usually disappear if you eat right. You can ask a nutritionist or dietician to help you pinpoint healthy foods which are best sources for essential nutrients that your body needs.

To avoid overeating, try eating fruit before a meal. Fruits can supply quick fuel and can easily quench your desire for food. Eating fruits before a meal can stop you from overeating or reaching for junk food.

Don’t go on a diet. At this stage, you connote dieting with restriction and will give you the mentality that you are depriving yourself of food. Choose healthier foods. Do not think of it as dieting. It is just eating healthy.

When you are able to physically conquer your physical cravings for food, the next step is to overcome emotional cravings to eat. Keep a journal and make a list of what you eat when you are stressed, bored, or facing an emotional problem. If you know what triggers emotional eating, then you are able to understand why you suffer from emotional cravings for food.

When you are able to overcome and declare victory versus overeating then you now have the power to resist temptations and be in control of a healthy life. Give yourself the power and you will find resisting temptations to be a lot easier and more rewarding.