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Nighttime Eating Disorder

Nighttime eating disorder constitutes one of countless variety of eating disorders. The nighttime eating disorder is a condition which is defined by a lack of appetite in the morning which is caused by a problem of overeating at night inadvertently. The nighttime eating disorder is different from other eating disorders such as binge-eating and bulimia in the way that individuals with the nighttime eating disorder take relatively small snacks at night but more frequently, whereas individuals who suffer from binge-eating or bulimia eat in larger amount but infrequently.

This disorder can be handled through treatment that incorporates counseling and an urge to paying attention to ones own detailed medical and nutritional needs. But this treatment should be customized to the individual according to both the severity of the disorder and the patient's particular difficulties, requirements and fitness.


i suffer with extreme anxiety

i suffer with extreme anxiety and depression and have been night eating for years. I notice the more stressed out i am the more my night eating increases. Anybody with similar happenings

I have had night eating

I have had night eating syndrome for years and doctors have not been able to help me. I belief as you do, Lisah, that much of it is caused by stress and anxiety. The only help I get is to clear my house of any high calorie food. I will not go for anything healthy and if I know there is nothing "good" in the house, I often won't get up. I wish there was a support group for this because it has caused me many problems, not the least is being tired all day.

I have been reading about NED

I have been reading about NED and see that it is frequently associated to insufficient melatonin levels. has anyone taken a melatonin supplement as treatment?

I als have trouble with NED, during periods of high stress or actually AFTER periods of high stress


You need Magnesium! I'm a 34

You need Magnesium!

I'm a 34 year old highly active, otherwise healthy male.

I suffered with Night Eating Disorder continuously my entire adult life. Beginning about 18 years of age, I would wake at least once every night, with powerful cravings for sugary/starchy/high-carb foods.

Many nights I would wake multiple times, sometimes unable to remember what I had eaten until I saw the food wrappers lying around the next morning.

It became a major problem for me, as many nights I didn't get restful sleep, I felt bad at work, and had no appetite for decent food for breakfast. Also, if my stress levels increased, my night eating became worse. This lead to a vicious cycle of increasing embarrasment over my condition and depression over my inability to control myself.

Making it worse, I've been into bodybuilding and fitness for years. So not only was the interrupted sleep affecting my performance at the gym, but it was harder to stay lean and keep my body-fat levels low when I was uncontrollably binging on junk food every night.

A few months ago I began taking a Magnesium supplement to address occasional heart palpitations I was experiencing. Lo and behold, the first day I took the Magnesium supplement, I slept completely through that night! No wakings, no cravings! I was amazed! I've been taking the Magnesium for 2 months now and I have slept through every single night since then. I have experienced no half-asleep binge eating whatsoever during that time. The change was immediate and lasting! Apparently my body was starved for this mineral and I had no idea.

Before, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably have to live with this ailment for the rest of my life. But now I feel and look 100% better. My sleep is dramatically improved, and I don't feel like crap all day long from that terrible food I was eating in the middle of every night.

Many night-eaters have blood sugar issues. Magnesium will help to prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping during sleep, which triggers the subsequent waking and cravings. Also, Magnesium calms the nervous system and relaxes muscles, so it's a great sleep aid regardless.

I know how desperate people with this can feel. Before, I had tried everything: melatonin, chamomile, 5-HTP, valerian root, etc. At one point I even went to my doctor over it and he put me on Sertraline, an anti-depressant which didn't stop the problem, so I discontinued its use. Nothing kept me soundly asleep all night and nothing prevented the cravings, until I took Magnesium.

Now, I take at least 1 gram orally every day in divided dosages throughout the day. Most important, I always take at least 250 mg before bed. I recommend a true chelated Magnesium Glycinate, as it absorbs and is assimilated by the body much better than the cheaper Magnesium Oxide.

I know how terrible Night Eating is, so I just wanted to share. Hope this someone!