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Anorexia Athletica Commonly Prey on Female Teens

Anorexia Athletica is an eating disorder when a person has stopped enjoying exercise but feels he is obligated to do so. Missing exercise sessions would create a sense of guilt and anxiety, that even when one is sick or suffer from an injury, it cannot stop him/her from exercising.

Anorexia Athletica is also known as compulsive exercise, obligatory exercise and exercise addiction.

A person suffering from Anorexia Athletica is fanatic about one's weight and diet. Exercising repeatedly is done beyond the limits set to maintain good health, that he steals time to exercise. He forgets that exercising can be fun. He gauges his self-worth in terms of how much exercising he has done for the day. He gains no satisfaction with what he has achieved. And if ever small satisfactions may occasionally pop-up, these are fleeting and are rarely savored. There is always a need to go another step forward towards another challenge. He has an image of himself as a "special" elite athlete.