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Athletes with Eating Disorders

The problem with athletes having a certain kind of eating disorder arouse is not particularly caused by them, it is mostly caused by their coaches and judges. Sometimes, a coach would put a great pressure on an athlete because of his weight and the need to become thinner. Normally, the athlete that is competing and who is also striving to be number one would do anything no matter how dangerous it was to achieve what he aims for. Consequently, he ends up raising a certain kind of eating disorder like Bulimia or Anorexia in order to lose weight and maintain it – or that is what he thinks he is doing.

We all heard about those athletes that died of multiple organ failures while they were suffering from eating disorders.

The problem is, you can not convince an athlete by the fact that what he is doing is harmful; he thinks that he needs to lose weight in order to win, and he goes far with it.