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Stop Exercising Beyond Normal

A new type of eating disorder is making the round of athletes and other persons who psychologically and physiologically obsessed with their weight and diet. Anorexia athletica or compulsive exercising is manifested by a person who exercises beyond what is normal. He is fixated with reducing his weight which in the long run can result to dire consequences.

Like any other diet and weight related disorders, exercising will stretch his limits in an erroneous attempt to have control over his life. He monitors his weight like a fanatic. He becomes a thief of his hours---he sneaks exercises by stealing time from work and school to do it. Instead of nurturing relationships with family and friends, he hounds the gym, the track, or the pool to exercise.

An anorexia athletica sufferer can forget his priorities in life. He cannot slow down and enjoy the fun and enjoyment exercise brings. He always pushing forward in an attempt to be better by the standards that he has set for himself.