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The Relation Between Eating Disorders and Compulsive Exercising

Compulsive exercising is a way to lose all the calories that have been gained through eating. A person very aware of the food he intakes and his desire to be thin would lead him to compulsive exercising so that he would not feel guilty about eating.

The individual who does not eat until he makes sure that he will exercise after eating, even though he hates exercising and feel like it is a must and not a desire, is suffering from a habit that could cost him his life if not treated properly.

Excessive exercising could lead to loads of problems starting from cutting school, skipping important events, taking off from work, secret exercising, to health problems including dehydration, degenerative arthritis and heart problems.

If I can say my opinion, then I must say that this kind of exercising is so much similar to purging of all kinds, whether it is self induced vomiting, taking laxatives or diuretics.