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All I want for Christmas….is not to have Disordered Eating

Damn those Christmas cookies…

According to registered dietician and eating disorder coach Tami Lion, eating holiday meals usually means new challenges for people with eating disorders. She explains, "the holidays may mean encountering entirely new eating situations, where they not only do not know who is preparing the food but don't know what will be served. They may be spending their first Christmas with different relatives or celebrating the holiday at a restaurant.

Just as with familiar meals, gathering information and planning ahead are the keys to success in this situation. Much of the fear and anxiety come from what is unknown about the situation. For someone recovering from an eating disorder, asking questions about the menu or bringing "safe" food along are necessary ways of taking care of themselves."

It's Good to Share

If you can, share your fears with your family or friends with whom you're gathering. It can lessen your anxiety and help them be more understanding. Try sitting down with your before Christmas to talk about your concerns and look for ways to ask for help.

Reference: Eating Disorders Today
By Tami J. Lyon, MPH, RD, who has a private practice, Healthy Living, Nutritional Counseling and Consulting, in San Francisco, CA
Fall 2002 Volume 1, Number 3