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"America The Beautiful-Ralph Lauren Facebook Boycott

Some of you may know about, and even be involved in the recent Ralph Lauren Boycott on Facebook. I rec'd an email about this today:

CNN News will do a segment about the Ralph Lauren boycott and how a group of 7700 people on Facebook has the entire fashion industry taking notice.

The segment will run during the 10pm news tonight (Saturday) on CNN. That's 10pm Eastern, 9pm Central and 7pm Pacific.

Tune in because the other guest will be one of the biggest fashion photographers in the business. He's so prominent that he gets to retouch his own ads and turn them in to the agencies.

This photographer has said in the past - "In a way we do have a social responsibility to project the right images of women, but will that sell magazines?" Tomorrow, on live TV, this reporter plans to ask him why he feels this way.

If any of you would like to check out the website about this movement, go to