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Breaking Down the Religion of An Eating Disorder

An eating disorder, either Anorexia or Bulimia, when in it's full blown state, often consists of many rules and rituals, often paralleling a "religion". These "rules" are numerous, and very individual to the person, but they are often related to good/bad foods, allowable times for eating, size of bites, number of times a bite is chewed, how foods may be arranged on the plate, whether foods are allowed to touch or be mixed when eating, etc. The rules may also apply to exercise, taking laxatives, or rules regarding purging behaviors. To a person with an eating disorder, breaking a "rule" is truly the worst possible scenario. It can bring on feelings of fear, shame, failure, hopelessness, and worthlessness....because maintaining these rules are truly what this person lives for. In recovery, making the necessary changes, or "breaking the rules" is a very difficult thing to work through. That is why it is so important to have professional psychological assistance in order to help the person find the true meaningful things in their life, in order to break free from the "religion" that is killing them.