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Disorder Eating as Spiritual Journey

It’s a terrible feeling when you can’t keep your promises to yourself- it’s demoralizing, shaming, and makes you want to indulge in the behaviors you are trying so hard to change.

Lisa Briggs, of, suggests this: “I believe the remedy must be mostly spiritual versus physical. If you start with the food, and make it be about weight loss or weight management or whatever you want to call it, it’s most likely you will fail. You have been there too many times. Try something different.”

“Finding your inspiration to “go higher”, to become closer to your Higher Self, to live more connected to your ideals and beliefs, is something you can begin to consider. I know it is not your Ideal to be out of control with food. I believe the struggles with eating/weight are our personal “Firewalk”. It is the thing you have been given to move through in order to connect with your Higher Self- the divine plan that is just for you. It is essentially a spiritual journey.”