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Do you twitter?

If so, you need to follow these people and organizations for the latest information and support for eating disorders. Watch out who you follow – sometimes tweeters may be actually pro-ana and not offer the support you need.

  • @BEDAorg - Binge Eating Disorder Association
  • @EDNMaryland - Eating Disorder Network Maryland
  • @starlightlife - Eating Disorder counselor
  • @ichosetolive - Young athlete in recovery from eating disorder
  • @CenterforED - Center for Eating Disorders
  • @amyamoore - Learn to Love
  • @HopefulFeathers - Anorexic in recovery for 11 years
  • @edbites - Anorexic in recovery
  • @AntiDieter - Info on Body image
  • @AnorexiaSupport
  • @aedweb - Academy for Eating Disorder Professionals