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Meal Planning-Is It For You?

As many of you have realized by now, I am a strong advocate for the benefits of meal planning as a part of recovery from an eating disorder.
I want to briefly share what I consider to be the benefits, for both those who are struggling with anorexia or bulimiia.
For a person who has anorexia, meal planning is a great tool for initiating a constistent eating plan which supplies sufficient calories to maintain a healthy weight, and/or to gain to a healthy weight. Because successful meal planning has to be fairly rigid and systematic in nature, it can be a 'safe' tool for the anorexic, who already is a follower of rules and rituals around food. It can also provide a sense of relief as the person sees that eating a certain number of calories on a consistent basis, does NOT cause the horrific weight gain that was feared.....

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