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No More

What would it look like to destroy your scale?
To refuse to be held hostage
by an inanimate object any longer.
To see your scale - and not the mirror as your enemy?

We learn the tricks, trying to fool it.
We go naked, allow no water, no jewelry (no contacts even).
Pee first.
And still the damn thing betrays us.

Why do we hesitate?
Why do we hold on to it like a security blanket Instead of the chain it is?
What would we lose if we took A hammer To the damn thing and Refused to allow it access to us Anymore?

If instead we issued it
An eviction notice.
A no-contact order.
A restraining order?

To protect ourselves from the Enemy.
Who is - not us.
Who is instead - every person who Held our noses to the scale and said "Worship this god."

Until we say,
"No More."