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Recovery Stories

Stories of Recovery

Goodbye Ed

Dear Ed,

While saying goodbye to you has been scary for me, slowly I’ve been able to see that saying goodbye to you means saying hello to life. It means breaking free from your control and painful lies. It means learning to love myself just the way I am. It means truly being present while enjoying time with those who mean the world to me. It also means feeling painful emotions and finding myself standing in the deepest of valleys. No matter how deep though, there is always light off in the distance. I only saw darkness with you. In saying goodbye, I am learning to live a life filled with all kinds of colors, uncertainties, and imperfections by eating, being mindful, taking time for myself. I am also able to take pride in saying kind rather than harsh words to myself. I am so worthy of the self-care and forgiveness that I preach to others. Letting go of you has provided me with whatever keys necessary to open and move through any doors that may close in front of me. Life is on the other side of the doors and now I know how to get there and experience it! Every month, offers a free newsletter with information about conferences, resources, therapists and my favorite – recovery stories. Be inspired.