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Troubled with the holidays

If there is one occasion that people with eating disorders dread, it must be the holiday season. With the overwhelming amount of food present during the holidays, this may be a difficult time for people struggling with eating disorders.

Therefore, it is very important to be sensitive to the condition of these people. One way for anorexics and bulimics to cope with the holidays is to plan their meals. Just the simple abundance of food can trigger a binge and purge episode, so it will be helpful to have a meal plan ready. The support system of the patient can also help a great deal.

You also don’t have to force an anorexic to eat more than she can handle. Remember, overcoming an eating disorder is a gradual process, so when she says she’s not comfortable with eating more than three slices of ham, don’t force her to do it. Understanding is the key.
Finally, focus more on the holiday spirit than the food that a person with an eating disorder is eating. Constantly monitoring what they eat will not help a bit.