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Whose "Normal" Are You?

In our current society, the effort to "create" who we are, according to what is perceived to be acceptable or normal, seems to be a daily pursuit. From a very young age, we are given parameters in every area of our life, in school, church, and at home, which ultimately force us into a mindset of thinking that we aren't OK unless we conform. When did individuality become a bad thing? When did it become wrong to form our own opinions, regardless of public view?
It's time that we throw off those shackles, look each other directly in the eye, and speak our truth as we believe it. As free people, we don't have to allow anyone to tell us that we are too fat, too old, too short, not the right color, too poor, too rich, or numerous other descriptive terms that cause us to doubt our worth or purpose.
Let us be true to ourselves, to each other, and instead of judging, join together and celebrate our human diversity. I believe that if there was more acceptance and support among us as as family and friends, there would be fewer numbers of eating disorders, anxiety, and other emotional problems that often stem from feeling unacceptable or not "normal".