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Finding Eating Disorder information and support on YouTube

Regardless of what situation you are coping with, there are plenty of resources online. Eating disorders are no exception. Some websites are fantastic, others are…well, crap. Lots of websites designed to separate you from your money (some more legitimate than others), lots of badly designed websites by people around the world tying to capitalize and monetize on your struggle and a few decent ones truly worth your time.
Now, if you know YouTube (and who doesn’t), you probably know it a place to go to look at really stupid videos of people or animals doing really stupid things.
For example, if you don't smile while watching this video, you're most likely evil
Back on point. YouTube videos can actually be valuable sources of information and not just 13 year old rambling about their politics. Here are some videos you may find useful:
(be aware these may contain triggering images)
Eating Disorder Awareness Week Video

Anorexia - Elle's Story

Bulimia Awareness Video
Binge Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders