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How Your Success Helps Me

Today was a test. Old trigger, old feelings, and a powerful urge to regress back to same old patterns. But, I didn't. I wanted to. Boy, did I want to. But I was able to make a decision not to do so for an hour. I told myself I would only commit for an hour and then I would see how I felt.

An hour later, I was calmed down. I didn't make that trick up. I learned it from another person in recovery. But it worked for me. It might work for you.

I came across this news story this week, and some of you might find it useful. But even if you're on this side of the Atlantic, remember how much stories of your recovery journey can help another.

In Australia, a woman who has battled her own eating disorder demons has created a mentoring program that others may emulate.

I will use my personal experience recovering from anorexia and rebuilding my life, and what I have learned over the past 10 years talking to people about what helped them recover, to mentor others through the process.

My program aims to: * Transform negative self-talk into strong positive ideals and beliefs * Show that who you will be without the eating disorder is so much more powerful than the eating disorder itself * Alleviate the fear of the unknown * Empower you, or someone you love, to let go of their current situation * Inspire the belief that yes, you can recover - and show you how * Help you tune into the voice that speaks from your heart * Demonstrate how believing in yourself can and will bring you everything your heart desires * Help you find the confidence to let the eating disorder go forever * Show you how to rebuild your life with absolute conviction and move forward to create a wonderful future

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