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Make Today Body Positive Day

Can you make today a Body Positive Day! How does that work? Try this? use only body positive talk, no diet talk.

Pay someone a compliment and make somebody else sparkle the whole day long.

Some other ideas:
Grab a pack of post it notes, write a body positive inspirational message and post those little love notes wherever inspires you, make someone’s day! Messages can be” “throw away your scale!” or “your ass looks just fine in those jeans!” or “you are unique and wonderful!”

What will you miss out on if you fail to love your body and treat it as it truly deserves to be treated? What has it cost you so far? asks Marcia Hutchinson, in 200 Ways to Love the Body You Have. Freedom, CA: Crossing Press, 1999.

One woman responds, "If I don't love my body and treat it well I will continue to be stuck in feeling that I am not good enough at this size. Smaller is better by other standards and I want that affirmation. If I took care of myself I could give that affirmation to myself instead of seeking it though others. To give that up is to replay on old messages of "you're being selfish", and "you are not good enough to wear pretty clothes"," people will be disgusted watching you eat non-diet food because your so big." "Where is your diet coke? you aren't allowed eggnog!" When I attempted at tuning into my body and soul needs as they related to food it felt foreign and I could hear some voice saying this is just one of those "new age" health kicks. The cost has been owning and acknowledging my own needs (as they also relate beyond food and body image).

What will it cost you to go through another day without loving your body?