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Reaching Out in Recovery for National Poetry Month

Check out this Nat'l Poetry Month contest where the theme is "recovery."

Share your work and your road to recovery.
If you have found it healing to write poetry on your path, then consider sharing your words in this free to enter contest.

The first-place winner will receive a prize back that includes:
It Gets Better by Dan Savage
I Don’t Want to Be Crazy, by Samantha Schutz (me!): A poetry memoir about anxiety disorde
You Are Not Here, by Samantha Schutz: A poetry novel about grief and loss
It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini: A novel based on the author’s experiences while hospitalized for depression
Cut by Patricia McCormick: A novel about self-mutilation
Talking in the Dark by Billy Merrell: A poetry memoir about the author’s awakening sexuality, and his quest to find love and acceptance while discovering himself in the process.

The two second place winners will receive copies of:
It Gets Better by Dan Savage
I Don’t Want to Be Crazy, by Samantha Schutz.

Contest rules:
How do I enter?
1) Email ONE poem to BEFORE April 30 at 11:59pm EST.
2) Put “2011 Poetry Month Contest” in the subject line.
3) Copy and paste the three questions below into the top of your email. Then fill in the answers.
Do you want to post anonymously?
If not, how would you like your name to appear? (first name only, full name, initials, etc.)
What is your age?

What are the guidelines?
-Keep poems to under 500 words.
-Posts must be original. By submitting to this contest you are certifying that this work is yours.
-Submit only about how dealing things like mental illness, addiction, sexuality, and relationship issues GETS BETTER! Posts that are off topic will NOT be posted.
-Take care and pride in your post. Please review your submission carefully before emailing.

What else should I know?
-All poems will appear on and sometime during National Poetry Month (April 2011)
-Your post is yours. By posting you are NOT giving away any rights to your words.
-Links to this contest and the submissions will appear on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.