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Take a Stand Now and Join Letter Writing Campaign

Tired of:
insurance company refusing to cover your treatment?

doctor being clueless about the seriousness of your eating disorder?

teachers and coaches at school not knowing how to respond to you as you suffer from the despair of an eating disorder?

watching your daughter, son, mother, or sister struggle with an eating disorder and not be able to help?

Help us pass the FREED Act, which will change all this.

The Eating Disorder Coalition needs you!

Be part of our Letter Writing Campaign with the goal of 1000 letters to Congress!

To continue the enthusiastic advocacy generated during the Eating Disorders Coalition's biggest Lobby Day ever, we are launching our biggest Letter Writing Campaign with the goal of encouraging 1000 of you to use your voice and write a letter to Congress!

In April, Senators Harkin, Klobuchar and Franken introduced the Senate version of the FREED Act. Now that we have both a House and Senate version of the FREED Act, the time is ripe for gaining support for the bill in both chambers and your letter can help us do that! The more support we have for the bill the more likely we can achieve our goal of passing the FREED Act!

Your participation in our letter writing campaign is vital to making this happen. To take part in this simple, yet very powerful and effective opportunity, simply follow the instructions below and then encourage your friends and family to do the same. Remember: we have had Members of Congress sign onto the FREED Act because of receiving one letter from one constituent! Your letters will make a difference!

Below are step-by-step instructions for contacting both your Representative and Senators, including a separate sample letter for the House and Senate. You can use the sample letters below verbatim or tailor your letter so that it speaks from your heart, and from your specific connection to Eating Disorders (i.e., I’m a treatment provider, a mom, a friend of someone suffering, etc…). While we encourage you to share why the FREED Act is important to you specifically, we also ask that you stay consistent in the message provided in the sample letter. Your letter should be no longer than one page in length (about 5 paragraphs).

Thank you in advance for your participation in and support of our goal to have 1000 voices represented! We can pass the FREED Act with your voice, passion, and commitment.

...from Capitol Hill,
Jeanine Cogan, Ph.D., Policy Director, Eating Disorders Coalition
Kathleen MacDonald, Policy Assistant, Eating Disorders Coalition


Is it too late to post or

Is it too late to post or send a letter - I just joined and it looked like you were trying to have all letters in by April. I think that at least in VT, the "Girl Scouts" and the other social-oriented community group - "Girls on the Run" would sponsor letter writing to congress about these issues. I would work on that in my state - or with anyone else involved from VT...

I thing i have some eating

I thing i have some eating dis-order too cause i just want to eat even i'm not hungry i dont know why . .