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The Slender Trap

Today, art psychologist and eating disorder specialist Lauren Stern is sharing on the blog today.

As an art psychotherapist for the past 30 years, and an eating disorder specialist for 25 of them, I decided that it was time to share with the world the techniques that I have been developing and perfecting over the years. I wanted to create a book for women and girls who are questioning whether they are suffering from an eating disorder, or who may have unrealistic thoughts about the way their body appears, that follows the therapeutic process almost as if they were in the treatment room with me. I wanted to help these women by providing them with the tools to find their way out of their food and body traps. And so ... The Slender Trap: A Food and Body Workbook was born.

In my years of working with girls and women I discovered that drawing and writing are useful ways to work on these issues at a deeper level. Through time I developed methods based on art therapy that help patients get beneath the unwanted behaviors and symptoms that were crippling them and keeping them from solving the deeper conflicts that are so painful.

I urge anyone who is dealing with food and body issues to seek help. The Slender Trap is a beginning that can be used by anyone who is trying to clarify whether they are in trouble. If so, it will lead them to securing the help that they need. This workbook can also be used with a therapist and in no way is a substitute for therapy.

If anyone reading this has any question about my work or the book, please feel free to write. You can also check out my website at

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