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Tools for Healing an ED

Obviously there is no magic pull for curing an eating disorder – it can take dozens of tries and resources to do that – everything from prescription medication to meditation, from group therapy to rehab. Here are a few tools you may want to consider adding to your repertoire.
This isn't about loving, or learning to love, or forcing yourself to love yourself. It is about basic respect, something that we show to ourselves even rarer than we show to others. It is about respecting your body for what it is-a changing entity. It is about letting go of hate, of past emotions and connections, of repression, in relation to your body.
BS Detector
With an eating disorder, we lie all the time. For example, your food is fuel. That’s it. Food isn't your friend, the enemy, a substitute, a stimulant, a numbing aid, or a game. You know what else? The numbers on a scale mean nothing. We all know that. That weighing less or more won’t force someone else to love us forever. Numbers do not have the power to make you happy.

A Decision
People recover from eating disorders in a hundred different ways. Some people are miraculously freed from eating disordered thoughts completely. Some continue to have them for years. What we all have in common, though is that people in recovery made a decision to begin recovery. It starts with a decision.