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What You Need to Know Now

I confess- I am totally addicted to Neal Walsh's writings. Frankly, I'm an addictive person and this may be the first healthy addiction I've ever had.

His thoughts for today?
On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know...
...that God's light shines through you when your light
shines on another.

The darkness of the world can be illumined by your
glowing presence -- yet you must believe in yourself
as The Source of that light and that love.

All the world awaits your arrival today, shivering in
its sadness, looking to you for warmth. Can you bring
a radiance to those you touch today? Will you?

Your answer will determine more for you than it will
for them. In this is The Great Secret.


Why not? Anyone can easily

Why not? Anyone can easily get addicted to his writings, he writes so good.