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Envisioning what 'recovered' will look like....

Taken from a list of recovery tips, written by Carolyn Costin, MFT, with my own comments following:

"It helps to have a reason why...a meaningful life..."what are you recovering to?"

The eating disorder field struggles with the question of what an eating disorder it a mental illness, as addiction, a brain disease? I like to simply call it a disorder. Things are disordered and need to be put back in order.
But even more so, I prefer to focus on where you are going. Rather than what are you recovering from? I want to ask you all to think about what you are recovering TO. I think it helps to begin to create a picture of what your life will be like when you are recovered, even if you have no idea right now. What would you like for it to look like, even in one small area?
One way is to do visualizations such as one where you visualize a day in your life when you are recovered. Most of you/us are very creative and, if not in the beginning, you can eventually begin to create a picture of your recovered life.
I also believe that in seeing it, it truly helps to believe and create it.
What are YOU recovering TO?