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Just what the Doctor Ordered….

Talk therapy, family therapy, medication…if you’ve ever had an eating disorder or lived with someone who has, dealing with recommended treatments can be work. And they are often effective.

But sometimes, you just need to do something else. Sometimes, you need to be reminded that it is still possible to have fun, to be silly, to laugh and to find pleasure in ways that have nothing to do with food.

Dye your hair purple. See a stupid feel-good movie. (Pirate Radio is making the dollar theater rounds in my neck of the woods and it was a fantastic two hours!) Do a a little retail therapy and get a new perfume or make-up. Get a henna tattoo. Try on hats, play a video game. Try something new.

Whether you are the one living with an eating disorder, or your loved one is – you both need a break from focusing on it. Keep food away from the conversation, don’t try to slip in a meal, and in general – avoid any tough topics. Give yourself the afternoon off. The world won’t end and you’ll have to deal with it again tomorrow, but for now, just play.

Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine.