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What? I have a Meal Plan!

Monday- 150 calories
Tuesday- nothing
Wednesday- 150
Thursday 150+ 1 hour of horse riding and 1 hour of badminton
Friday- nothing
Sunday 300+ 1 hour of swimming
”I used to only eat 2 days a week and am still finding it very hard eating, but I don’t want to gain or lose weight. What do you think of my meal plan?”
Don’t worry – this isn’t my meal plan.
Never mind, you should worry –it is somebody’s. And yes, you’re right, when she eats in an entire week is just under what she should be eating every single day.
It’s so easy to see craziness in someone else’s food plan, isn’t it?

If you aren’t sure anymore just how realistic your meal plan is, share it with someone. Not just a “me, too” buddy who is trying to lose weight, but a reasonably healthy adult – preferably a professional, who can help you identify the weaknesses and strengths in your plan.

One thing to note is that she says this is an improvement over her previous diet. Making healthy diet changes after an eating disorder often requires professional help, so consider asking for it. But, two days without eating anything simply isn’t ok for anyone.


Hmm....?? This is a very poor

Hmm....?? This is a very poor example of what 'meal planning' should be. Meal planning does not include exercise times, etc.
I agree that this is crazy, and very unhealthy and dangerous for anyone to consider. What is 'planned' here is way less than HALF the amount of a healthy daily intake.
A recovery meal plan definitely should be supervised and planned with the assistance of a professional who is aware of YOUR needs for recovery. Everyone's needs are different.